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Midland County Public Safety scanner feed is provided free to the public. For android users click the Use App button and download our preferred scanner app. Search Midland County Public Safety and click play. Iphone users get your preferred scanner app and search for the same. If you would prefer use the PC version or listen on a web browser on your phone follow this link below and click play. We use Html 5 player. If you are listening to the scanner and hear something of importance please add a post to our page of what you heard. Our goal is to keep the community aware as well as staying out of the way of our first responders and law enforcement. We hope you enjoy the free service we are providing as Midland, MI.’s only digital scanner group.


  1. No Reporting of a Real Time Search for a Suspect. -Posting details of a real time search/investigation online will be banned immediately. It is allowed however after they have located or detained the subject.
  2. NO DRAMA / PERSONAL ATTACKS. – Any drama or personal attacks will result in an immediate ban.
  3. NO Posting Names of Victims, Suspects or Exact Addresses Allowed. – Anyone posting personal information given out over the scanner will immediately be banned. Names / Addresses. We do allow street names of incidents to be posted. Just not physical addresses.
  4. 0 Tolerance for belittling LAW ENFORCEMENT. – Any posts that have demeaning context or belittling law enforcement as well as any emergency services will be deleted. Second time you’re banned. There will not be a warning it’s automatic.